Thursday, 3 December 2009

My Crap Jewellery part two

#2 in an occasional series of whatever.

U.S.A 1925 Ring Ahh, Glastonbury 1989, the sights, the smells, the music, the relentless Trustafarians trying to sell you over priced Special Brew. Amongst the Melee sits this 'Street' hawker native American Indian guy with his blanket of wares. The 9% proof tramp fuel and extra curricular substances work their magic and i walk away with this for the bargain price of one whole quid. I have absolutely no idea of the significance of 'U.S.A 1925', i found him there a year later but his command of English (or intolerance of inquisitive gadgies) didn't lead to the path of enlightenment and Google has since turned up nothing. Had it Twenty years, the embossing's worn and sadly the 'arms' are wearing quite thin so i'm not sure how much longer it's going to last 9/10

Crap Jewellery part One

#1 in an occasional series of whatever.

Gyroscope Bangle Being a bit of a science geek as a kid i used to have one of those Gyroscope things (surely magically held in the vertical by Satan himself) much fun had trying to knock it over/balancing it on that little plastic Eiffel tower widget (gawd knows what that was all about). Well some years later whilst having a clear out, i didn't find the Gyroscope but i did find the metal guard thing that used to sit around the flywheel, perfect size, straight on wrist. Very durable, never broken, never loses it's shape (accessorised with a keyring) 8/10.