Friday, 28 November 2008

Twitter Ye Not

Thinking today that i've had a Twitter account for a few months now (see right if it's still there) and still find it really difficult to form an opinion on. I'll use it one week, go quiet for a month, maybe follow some people the next, Hover over the 'delete account' button and so on. I'm still not completely convinced that it's not just this years internet fad which will eventually be bought up by Murdoch et al and rebranded into something shite marketed at generation X factor (blogs have a similar faddish quality but that's for another post (remember Myspace?). One thing is for certain though (showing my age here) it DOES remind me of my early 80's CB Radio days. lots of late night static and half heard conversations by people using mysterious handles nom de plumes, listen to one now and it's all gone quiet.
  Is it a blog?, is it glorified texting?, is it cheap (usually one way) advertising?, has it any practical use in the non 'blogosphere' world since the update by text option has gone ? , think i'll just have to wait and see.

PS: if your reading this PLEASE FOLLOW ME :)

PPS: I thought camera phones would be a fad so shows what i know

Monday, 24 November 2008

Broad St vs. Black Sabbath

From Memorabilia it's a quick shufty into town for Tony Iommi's induction into Brums Walk Of Stars where it turns out Satan doesn't look after his own after all. Instead yours truly and Sabbath's small crowd of faithful were treated to a lashing from God's merciless icy cold wind and rain which inflatable guitars seemed pretty powerless against.
 I managed to catch a few snaps through the drops but unfortunately what i didn't get was a recording of the presentation speech, hastily put together by an assistant researcher and fumbled through by a befuddled deputy (deputy!!) Mayor seemingly oblivious to who he was handing a chunk of Birminghams pavement to, now that certainly did brighten proceedings up!.

Memorabillia Sells Out (Grrrrr)

From it's humble beginings as a glorified Sci Fi themed car boot sale to its twice yearly stint as an essential geek fest i've been going to Memorabilia for about 14 years. This year though after a couple of hours going round and round in vain i still couldn't find anything eclectic/weird enough to catch my eye (except a couple of exploitation books), Cult appears to have gone frickin' mainstream. Even with a visual feast of Daleks, Cylons, Predators and cosplay Trekkies the only pictures i came back with were of Bizarre's favourite fetish diva Vanessa Upton and her brilliant 'Worn stockings for £30:00' scam idea.

Even more disturbing Fonzie (Henry Winkler) in his sensible jumper looked like y' grandad.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Rockabilly vs. Dr Who and Batman

It's happened again, two spiffin' lineups of gutbucket Rock n' Roll and Psychobilly that not only clash with each other but also with me manning a stall at Memorabilia (i have to be tucked up in bed early Saturday). It's a conspiracy i tells ya!.

Jooks Of Kent @ Nicole's
Magnificatz @ Eddies

Aldi vs Google vs Midge

I couldn't understand why this bland afterthought of a photo was getting so many views on my Flickr. Quick search for 'Sheldon Aldi' on Google (reasonable search terms for a Sheldon resident looking for local Aldi) and there it is, 2nd and 3rd result (complete with unflattering description). You'd think a large corporation like that could better exploit search engines?

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Y' Know it's Christmas When...

Y' know it's nearly Christmas when your stood freezin' under the gaze of that scary flea bitten Moose in Victoria Square with a pint of fizzy German beer in one hand and a large phallic sized mustardy frankfurter in the other!.
The puzzling talking point this year is that the fancy new lights the Council have splashed out on only seem to come in Blue and White?.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Christmas Lights Turn Off

not just ANY old burgers...
Through some bizarre sense of civic duty i go to this thing every year and i swear it gets 'Chavier' every time, it just ain't about the baby Jesus anymore. I lasted about ten minutes then made my excuses and left for a swift half in town longing for the days when Cliff Richard actually gave the event some class (crikey!!), did manage to get some pictures of a burger stand and a glow stick vendor though. It's all a moot point anyhow as everybody in Birminghan KNOWS Christmas doesn't start until the Frankfurt market serves up it's first Gl├╝hwein, roll on Thursday!.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Custard Factory Gets Satisfaction

I've worked on and off at the Custard Factory for about Three years and have had/heard various gripes and ideas about the place which usually come to nought. But via an old Myspace mate came this, basically a customer service website which enables punters,employees, etc... to provide input, ideas and feedback. Apparently the "Custard Factory has not sponsored or endorsed this site" but it looks pretty officious and hopefully will engage the place more with the public.
Unfortunately the first post starts with a problem i'm well aware of, that being the resemblance of the C.F to a closed off building site but hopefully if more people get involved more positive topics can be discussed. It'll be interesting to see how it all works out?.

S.A.D Blog Entry

I'm not sure if it's the nights drawing in or the fact that i curently feel like crap but i just can't summon up the muse or enthusiasm to write anything except this?.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Och Aye The Swinging Sporran

picture pilfered from Birmingham it's Not Shit
I haven't been in The Swinging Sporran (y' know, formerly The Cabin/B3, on the corner by the Hancock statue) for about Eight years and to be honest i didn't much care for it. I think it was euphamistically called a 'working mens' pub so typically full of the flotsam that's been barred from the other pubs or ejected from the gutter. So Saturday night finds me still knackered after a 5am start but i thought i'd catch a couple of bands before heading home so gave the place another punt. Pleasantly suprised with the refurbishment, the upstairs is still full of 'characters' but what i didn't realise was there's a downstairs function room similar to The Royal George's (boarded up pub by St Martins). About the same size, low ceiling, perfect sized dance floor, cheap bottled beer, very reasonable entrance fee (don't even think of blagging!). It's now home to Rehab promotions who put on some cracking Punk/Metal line ups. Last night featured Northeners T' Kings Of The Delmar and Brums own Obnoxious UK who both put on a good show despite Goldblade poaching all the frickin' punters. Definitely going to be make some more trips there in the future.