Sunday, 31 August 2008

Brum Punx Picnic 2008

It's that time of year again, Birmingham Punks picnic 2008 and out they come, freshly died dayglo mohicans,neatly pressed bondage trousers and polished piercings. And every year it seems to be in a different venue, from the defunct Royal George to the much missed Market Tavern to the Moseley Arms to the Wagon And horses Digbeth. Not a bad venue, nicely split up into seperate Bar,Market, DJ and band rooms but suprisingly quick bar service considering the numbers that turned up. A frickin hot and sweaty line up with a suprise appearance by Birmingham veteran punksters Drongos For Europe who 'supported' the alway good for a laugh London wideboys Intensive Care. The little touches like the Covered Market and Jah Fly sound system topped of a great night only marred by the fact i had to get a Taxi home and pay through the nose for the privelidge!.
(plenty of Photo's on my Flickr)

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Stumped by Stump

image courtesy of Kev Hopper

The conversation goes something thuswise...

"Midge, you remember Stump ?"
"Yes you do !"
"I don't THINK so"
"That band, early Eighties, Barrel Organ, John Peel, Tin Tin Quiff"
"???? No, you're surely mistaking me with someone else"
"Midge, your going senile" (changes topic of conversation)

Cut to a week later, Youtube, fuckin' STUMP!!! the guy with the quiff, wonky fretless bass lines, Spazz guitar riffs, Anglo Irish Beefheart aspirants. Off to H.M.V, 3C.D anthology. How could i have forgot them!, i surely haven't drunk THAT much in the last X number of years!!. This months recommended listen

Have You Seen this Moose !?

Xmas Market Moose

Prince of Wales Moose"moo"

  It was with some suprise yesterday that i saw the Frankfurt Christmas Market Moose holidaying in the Prince Of Wales, Moseley. A warmer climate perhaps or a more sinister snafu by quarantine officials ?. (I did ask him but he remained tightlipped, at the Xmas market all that Wasseil makes him a bit more voiciferous and animated! )

Monday, 18 August 2008

Rhubarb Rhubarb Rhubarb On The Fly

The Custard Factory's Rhubarb Radio Blogsite has recently become required reading, a staion which has an equipped ready to go studio but no apparent business model (ie: lots of ideas about logos, few ideas about financing). Being a bit of a slacker i'm fascinated about how to go about such a venture myself and the logistics of getting the funding together.
(sorry if this post seems a bit harsh but i've just finished a book about Radio Caroline and the problems faced by pirate stations and it just throws into sharp relief how things have changed. smiley )

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Another British Blog Bitchin' About Weather

After bottling out of The Bulldog Bash and Download (which turned out to be mostly sunny!) i thought i'd take a chance with a trip to Wales. Wrong, Wrong Wrong!, with the rare exception of Friday being 'mostly' fine it ended up pissing down again!. Washed out trips to Portmeirion and Aberystwyth follow with chilly nights spent in the Pub or sitting in the gazebo with hoodie on and lager in hand. Next year i'm going back to Ibiza and by hook or by crook i'm stoppin' all summer.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Just call me Pigeons for friends!

So i'm sitting outside the Sacks of Potatoes lost in thought when this maingie flea bittten bird sidles up and settles down next to me as if i was lonely and needed some company!. Where did it all go wrong, before they got married/settled down, etc.. i used to have lots of drinking buddies, now i just have Vermin!!