Sunday, 29 June 2008

Those Crazy Moselians!

MOZFEST 2008 I have a real Love/Hate relationship with Moseley.

I love it for its bizarre village mentality, Bohemiam atmosphere, great pubs and independent shops (Jibbering Records, a record shop with hardly any records!) which Birmingham city centre is sadly lacking.

I hate it for its bizarre village mentality, Guardian reading patched elbow pseudo greens with their ethnic pappooses and wholefood crystal hugging attitudes.

Truth is though it's Birminghams best tourist trail that can be had from the No.50 bus.
(i've seen this guy play a few times and boy can he sing!)

Then it's all back to The Costermongers, Birminghams second best rock pub but first worst B1 toilet!.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Midge vs. 21st Century

I've got a camera phone at last!!, no big deal you thinks but anyone who knows me knew i was quite attached to my trusty old 3310. Many a happy hour was spent trawling phone shops, Flea markets for cases, keypads, replacement batteries and i'll really miss the DIY Punk ethos of respraying the case and fixing it with duct tape. My new one is a fraction of the size/weight ( wouldn't last one round in the Pub car park with my Nokia!!) and has twice the tech' but the bizarre thing is actually feel like i'm being unfaithful to an inanimate object!!? .

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Green man Fatigue

How i feel for the poor Photography lecturers at South Birmingham college!. Not ONE day goes by (Sun, Rain or Snow) without a gaggle of 'Media' students (collective noun anyone?) going by and snapping away at the hapless hippy icon. It's not even as if he can be taken from various angles (oooer missus), just stand at his feet and shoot upwards.
(and don't even get me started on the Dragon)

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Rainbow Beached

Find!!... an ambient beach bar in the industrious confines of Digbeth. Forty tonnes of Sand, Bamboo, n' Kent makes for an eclectic piece of Brum which desperately needs the weather to sort itself out (i had Raynaud's in my fingers in ten minutes).
(I would have stayed longer but these chairs started to get a bit gaudy!.)

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

V Tenuous C.F/Big Brother Connection

One of these freaks is wearing a Ripps 'I Love Cov' T shirt as dreamt up by manager Frankie 'Urban Village' Johns (had the shop that used to be by the gallery, then on the front, then under the Dragon, then in Hurst st, then in Coventry, etc..., etc...).

"I just hope that people watching don't think everyone from Cov is a retarded mutant!" Raul Ripp

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Custard Factory On Sea

Yesterday maintenance were draining the 'fountain' by the Old Library and for a while it had this incredible 'briney' smell of the seaside. However Satan had better plans and the little river flowin' past the shop ended up with an aroma like the Glastonbury 'toilets' come Sunday!. Sorted in the end but i give The 4a.m Factory clubbers one Month before it's returned to year zero' !.