Thursday, 29 May 2008

The Return Of The Evil Dead

I find it hard to fathom the recent effort of the BBC to reinvent Mary Whitehouse (a bit like Enoch Powells 'comeback' or is that a bit strong :))?. If anyone is old enough to remember the 'Video Nasties Debate' they'll also remember the dubious tactics the N.V.L.A used to censor ANYTHING that didn't fit into their view of what constituted 'suitable viewing' (halfbaked statstics, misquoted 'experts' and out of context viewings of gore laden showreels to influential politicians).
The most worrying aspect is the overlooking of the fact that they (and the MEDIAWATCH reincarnation) are in all but name a Christian 'watchdog' group whose main aim would be to return the media to a pre 60's 'we know best' moralistic ideal.
Granted there is a lot of cynically made 'sex n' violence sells' crap on TV and Cinema but this DOES NOT mean that 'sex n' violence' cannot be used with some artistic merit (ok, Porno has NO artistic merit but we don't buy it for social commentary).
I just hope that John Beyer (who thankfully has 10th of the charisma of Mrs Whitehouse) and his bland of few won't now be the people looked to to draw the line!.

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