Sunday, 13 July 2008

Supersonic Festival

Spent a hazy few hours at the Supersonic Festival at the Factory, great set up, Boho' atmosphere, eclectic lineup, kudos to organisers (definiteley need more of at the C.F) BUT i kept having this nagging feeling that experimental now seems to consist of great ideas not developed into anything 'tangible' (i.e it's not so much as what passes for experimental as what is accepted as experimental that's changed). Decided not to hang around Sunday for Julian Cope (Gravetemple), seen him a couple of times and he SUCKS!.

(addendum: i went instead to see Arnocorps at Scruffy Murphys, now THERE'S an experimental concept)

I've put some photo's on my Flickr (see right), (well there mostly of The Courtesy Group just before i sloped off to see the Anti Nowhere League)

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