Thursday, 11 December 2008

Scotch Egg for Dummies

I was a bit dismayed a couple of weeks back to read a dismissive blog remark
about the humble Scotch Egg (retro indeed).Now being a Scottish savoury snack fan i can only imagine this attitude comes from either a bad experience or maybe a traumatic incident with one in childhood.So i thought i'd set the record straight and present the secret to preparing a successful Scotch Egg...

First take one Scotch Egg, any
brand will usually do, this one is a Tesco's home brand.

Cut egg in half, unfortunately this is one thing that only comes with experience as it's not always easy to see how the egg lies beneath the pork.

Take out egg and drop a dollop of QUALITY Salad Cream into cavity.

Squish egg back into the Pork.

Eat egg

trust me,if you've followed these instructions properly you'll NEVER go back to Pork Pies!.


Nicky Getgood said...

I consider myself rightly rebuked! I'm very sorry for any offence caused.

catnip said...

Sounds delish, more recipes please ;)