Tuesday, 24 March 2009

A Frootless Custard?

Not sure of the details yet but it looks like Custard Factory staple eaterie Rooty Frooty's has bitten the credit crunch bullet. Pretty sad as it always had that relaxed 'Bohemian' atmosphere much loved of that 'Creative' crowd especially in the Summer when you could sit around the pool (remembering not to drink the water) and take advantage of the Sun (remember that) and free Wi-Fi. So now all you've got is 'The Kitchen' which i find really sterile and Yumm which i'm told does great food but no interior seating and definitely no Rod spinning Northern Soul obscurities. Coupled with the building work currently going on i'm wondering why people would want to make the effort to come down in the week at all which can't be good for the handful of traders left. On a positive note it looks like the Newsagent is nearly ready to go (hopefully with cash point and catfood) which will hopefully keep things ticking over till Summer and the opening of the expanded flea market. In the meantime that'll be me, drinking the Kitchen's 'tea' sitting on the bandstand watching the beer bottles float by and wondering where the new Custard Factory's 'hangout' will be.

ps: feel a bit of a shit now for rarely eating the food there cos' it all looked a bit 'funky'


Anonymous said...

It'll be interesting to see if anyone takes the space on - i wouldn't say there was a lot of competition around there.

Perhaps a cafe/venue there could be even more of a hub/info source like Pete Ashton has speculated - possibly attracting more punters in the process.

Digbeth Slacker said...

I knew it was quiet in the day but i (naively?) assumed that was more than made up for on clubbing nights. We could get to the C.F at 4:30 a.m Saturdays to load up for a Film Fair and clearly see the place really busy.

Kosyne said...

I used to put on a hiphop beatmakers event at rootys (louisden beat cypher) and almost everything about the venue was perfect, its been a struggle finding a suitable venue elsewhere.

hopefully we can bring it back in time to rootys..

日月神教-向左使 said...