Wednesday, 13 May 2009

All Quiet On The Digbeth Front

Yeah, the update rate of this blog is really tailing off but truth is either not much is happening or other people are doing a better job of writing things up. I did manage the Eccentric Auction last night, more fun and games with Harry Palmer et al attracting exceptional bids on mundane bric a brac. No Zine's this time but did manage to grab some back issues of the Eccentric times (signed no less and with rare postcards and Audio CD). Workwise Urban Village has returned in yet another incarnation (it's Sixth) at the General Stores market,Custard Factory. Plenty of vintage stuff to be had, just spare a thought for the backroom boy who gets Raynauds in his fingers sorting through all that Nylon and Polyester. Downside is the future of the DVD shop is in doubt, news to follow [Edit: apparently it's reopening 1st June].
Blog wise i've kindly been given a log-in to Fizzpop (Birmingham hackerspace) to contribute some stuff concerning the Arduino microcontroller. Funny thing is i never considered myself a 'Hacker' until following up on Fizzpops inspirations but now realise i've been taking stuff apart to see 'how it works' and tweaking it since ought six (typically upping output power on CB' radios ~81). Unfortunately it just brings home a) what an idiot i was for pissing away my degree b) should have done Physics joint with something useful (ideally Electronics). Anyhoo enough already with the whining, now to try and scrounge enough cash together to make at least ONE festival this year. All the best Midge

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Ay up Midge. Great to see you again at The Eccentric City auction. I'll be chasing any zines for the next one if I can. All that tat makes the paper (free) printing go further of course, keeping ourselves out and about away from the boardrooms (bored rooms...).

Planning a summer event during working hours of course. Details to be announced, but I've already thought about an egg and spoon race at 11am midweek for example.
Current street lecture on the 1ft Hotdog and why the UK hasn't managed to adopt this obsessive amercan culture to date (unlike many of the UK's infiltration of Americanisation). Announcements soon.