Saturday, 6 February 2016

The Little Car That Couldn't Revisited

Penultimate Pier Review 'secret'  blog post I wrote on September 22 2011 (crudely cut n pasted from a defunct Posterous archive.)

The Little Car That Couldn't

"Well this has actually all gone rather too easy"

 I'm not sure who said this last night but I am sure that you know what's coming next. After bagging a very chatty Beaumaris Pier (you do know about the Piers right?) we get back in the car and turn the key, not to hear the roar of a 16 Valve engine but instead the clickety click sound of a dead battery. Cruel fate was no match for the combined weight of my kidnappers and we did manage to bump start the bastard but for the next 100 miles a heavy doomed silence pervaded the air, limping into a petrol station to fuel up the mood quickly cheered as we realised the dud cell had some charge and started with a key, at almost the same time the Sun made an appearance.

 However at the campsite it seems our optimism was a bit previous as our desire to listen to the radio instead of silence or heaven forbid each other had zapped the juice and confirmed suspicions the battery is definitely on the fritz.

   But with three Piers left WE WILL NOT BE THWARTED, the solution is simply to park the car on an incline and as we're in Wales the spiritual home of hills we're practically home and dry.

 Tomorrow is the final day and I'm actually a little sad to be going home, Jon says he's glad to see the back of camping and Dannys a little love sick (on this trip I've realised his charm and natural ability to be the centre of attention is nothing subtler than shouting a lot at peope whilst pissed :).
   Monday it's back to the grind but this trip IS going on my CV, I surprised myself at how much I enjoyed driving and regret not doing the Birmingham to Weston bit so I can say I did the whole loop, still I suppose there's always the 10 year Pier Review redux trip.

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