Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Stumped by Stump

image courtesy of Kev Hopper

The conversation goes something thuswise...

"Midge, you remember Stump ?"
"Yes you do !"
"I don't THINK so"
"That band, early Eighties, Barrel Organ, John Peel, Tin Tin Quiff"
"???? No, you're surely mistaking me with someone else"
"Midge, your going senile" (changes topic of conversation)

Cut to a week later, Youtube, fuckin' STUMP!!! the guy with the quiff, wonky fretless bass lines, Spazz guitar riffs, Anglo Irish Beefheart aspirants. Off to H.M.V, 3C.D anthology. How could i have forgot them!, i surely haven't drunk THAT much in the last X number of years!!. This months recommended listen

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