Monday, 24 November 2008

Memorabillia Sells Out (Grrrrr)

From it's humble beginings as a glorified Sci Fi themed car boot sale to its twice yearly stint as an essential geek fest i've been going to Memorabilia for about 14 years. This year though after a couple of hours going round and round in vain i still couldn't find anything eclectic/weird enough to catch my eye (except a couple of exploitation books), Cult appears to have gone frickin' mainstream. Even with a visual feast of Daleks, Cylons, Predators and cosplay Trekkies the only pictures i came back with were of Bizarre's favourite fetish diva Vanessa Upton and her brilliant 'Worn stockings for £30:00' scam idea.

Even more disturbing Fonzie (Henry Winkler) in his sensible jumper looked like y' grandad.


The Pilgrim said...

Hiya Midge, you've got to admit Upton did look good. I didn't know she wanted that much for those stockings though!!!!!

I got a few pics of her myself, and a couple of the Fonz in that knitted jumper.

Memorabilia November 2008

Digbeth Slacker said...

Oh yeah. That minx is as cute as a (large breasted fetish) button.