Monday, 27 September 2010

Stalking The Shend

Flicking through yet another half read copy of Bizarre magazine today i notices the Shend is back contributing to their pages via the medium of the written word. "The Shend who?" you may ask, if you're a Tellybox owner you just may know him as an extra who typically plays thug #2 in such dramatic delights as The Bill, Eastenders,Casualty and had a speaking part in Men Behaving Badly as 'man in bar who insults Dorothy and gets beaten up by Gary'. Sci-Fi nuts may know him from Red Dwarf (the tail end of the series when it wasn't very good) and TorchWood (They Keep Killing Suzie). Film afficianados may know him from a shit load of other varied stuff.
Me, well i know him as the lead singer of one of the Midlands (well Redditch anyhoo) finest eclectic musical exports The Cravats. Memories of first hearing 'Cravats In ToyTown' in the early Eighties with it's Dadaist lyrics and Daliesque saxophones was epic listening indeed after my usual diet of G.B.H washed down with cheap lager,egg fried rice in it's foil container and The Exploited.
But i digress, my reason for this outpouring is simply it's Monday night and i'm bored!! so i thought i'd see what the amazing electronic interlinker could turn up on the big beardy renaissance man.

Shend's Myspace (Well everyone who's anyone has a Myspace) still in use by looks of it

Shend's FaceBook

Cravats Website  (a Bravenet relic)

The Very Things Myspace (again still in use)

Shend's Showreel ,(some gaps here including his part in Pervirella with cult TV babe Emily Booth)

Shends Podcasts, Yes he has a Radio show :)

Shend performing with KroonCat lounge nights.

Shend in the 118 118 sponsored ITV4 station ident.

and by way of a half arsed coda a Google Image Search :)

More to follow....

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