Wednesday, 15 December 2010

KCLErrorDomain Error 1 'Fix' for Twitter iPhone App.

I've had my iPhone all of two weeks now and to be honest i'm woefully underusing it's potential awesomeness, Twittering inanities and FourSquaring every trip to the pub from it is currently about my limit. Now i'm one of those A**** retentative types who likes to see things work properly and loses much needed beauty sleep when they don't so i was bit miffed/panic stricken recently to see this  when i tried to send an important Tweet...

The Operation could not be completed kCLErrorDomain error 1

Googling didn't come up with apart from a few people experiencing the same but if my befuddled understanding is correct i *think* the problem is this. The program suddenly seems to think it's ok to use Location/geolcate services even though you've turned them off in Twitter app settings and 'trips up' when denied access (i first experienced it after accessing a Foursquare site via a Twitter link) the 'fix' seems to be resetting this feature by....
  • Go to iPhone General settings and turn on the Location Services for Twitter App (this will only be temporary).
  • Open the Twitter app and create new Tweet (you won't be sending this, it's a dummy).
  • Tap on extras button bottom right and tap geolcate,it should now pinpoint your position.
  • Re-tap geolocate to switch it back off.
  • Close Twitter app.
  • Reset Location Services to off in settings.

This hopefully should now have fixed the problem. Many apologies if it didn't, donations and praise if it did  :)

(* i'll be jiggered if i'm using the word Anal in a blog post, that's just asking for trouble)

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Foghorn_clj said...

THANK YOU! That freakin' error message appearing everything I created a new tweet was driving me INSANE!