Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Mrmr Open Sound Control Client to Arduino

This quick project was mainly a proof of concept for someone else but here's a fuzzy video and some info.

Using the Mrmr iPhone app to create an Open Sound Control client which talks to Processing, which then talks to the Arduino, which then lights some (mismatched) LEDs.
(Sending a Byte of data to control Port B.)

Mrmr app can be found here​

Code can be found here with Osc_EX prefix (there's some notes in the comments)​u/​Midge

Circuit is just four LEDs connected to Pins 8 to 11 with 1K resistors.

This blog post is just offered as a quick reference (and somewhere to dump the video). I can't really enter into any technical discussions, there's plenty of info out there but here's a couple of tips...

  • Always check the Mrmr client is talking to the Same Port that Processing is listening to.
  • Make sure you change the addrPatterns in the 'If' statements.
  • Check your Firewall, they can sometimes block OSC signals.
  • Mrmr console was transfered by connecting iPhone to PC using XAMPP as a server (put file into htdocs folder)

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