Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Eccentricity In The City

Do i hear a bid for £1.50 for nationalistic flip flops, £2.00 for some slides of Rome, £3:00 for edible underwear, X amount for an animated electronic singing hamster, £8:00 for a 'musical saw' lesson. then it must be The Eccentric Auction fundraiser @ the Anchor Inn. As promised it was like an eBay/Carboot hybrid 'on acid'. Lovejoy wannabes Harry and Si pulled off the auctioneers hat bit admirably for the Eccentric City paper (think parochial Headpress meets the Metro) and pumped me good (oooer!!) for a bid on some Zines, still all independent print is worth a punt!. Special appearance by John Ward who reminds me of a contemporary rubbish themed Wilf Lunn and i ALWAYS have time for Skip divers.

Unlucky for you guys i lost the raffle for a free page in the next issue so a printed tabloid sized rant will have to wait for another day.

Auction wise i bagged The Trojan Rat and some 'zines ...

apologies for quality of pictures but the room was tiny, light was dim, i'm on medication