Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Gigbeth Bites Back (Bah humbug)

From Gigbeth Blog 21st Sept'

"The fact that the blog is called ‘Another Byte of Banality’ makes me assume that the blog is a hive of negativity rather than creativity."
That'll teach me to make flip remarks in a fit of boredom ,irony is i'll probably win that free ticket raffle i entered at Artsfest.
Some thoughts though..
  • I'm 42 AND cynical so yes the glass is probably half empty (and probably cracked to boot).

  • Despite this i am quite chirpy as most people will vouch for.

  • The Banality bit comes from the fact that as much as i enjoy reading and writing blogs in the bigger sheme of things thay are banal.

  • Now Gigbeth is up and running the line up isn't too bad (though i'd prefer The Courtesy Group to The Guillemots)..

  • I Frickin' loathe S Cowell and everything he stands for and on.

  • The comments thing doesn't work on Gigbeth.com hence this entry being here.

Drinks are on me, November @ The Rainbow
All the best Midge


Anonymous said...

Yes, why do the 'comment' links on the Gigbeth Blog lead back to their main page rather than anything of use?

(Although I should note that on this blog you have it set to either Google/Blooger accounts or the ever-irritating 'Open ID' thing which makes my name display in a silly way. Generally I wouldn't have bothered to comment here, as much as I like your blog. And I do, I do...).

I do love Guillemots, although it is obvious to all that The Courtesy Group are even better still.

Frankie said...

Hey Midge,
its Frankie from Gigbeth.

I take back what I said about Simon Cowell and your blog. I was being passionate about Gigbeth, and silly about everything else...

日月神教-向左使 said...