Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Re: Cycle zine

I've bought many a Punk fanzine since the early Eighties but at the Punx Picnic (see below) i came across this...

Chainbreaker a rough guide to bicycle maintenance by Lynn Jackson and Ethan Clark

A delightfully quirky lifestyle zine/book (which are much more common in the States) covering everything from aligning derailleur gears to making belts from bike tyres to essays on life as a female bike mechanic.
From content to layout it has a real Punk DIY asthetic throughout with some funky illustrations and diagrams.The real bottom line though (and reason for this post) is that it's great to come across these labours of love but they are becoming increasingly rare due to the advent of Web 2.0 and internet publishing, i remember when Cut and Paste used to mean getting your fingers sticky!.

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Nicky Getgood said...

This looks great. As a female cyclist who knows nothing about bike mechanics but needs to learn, I'm definately going to get this. Much more fun than a manual!